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Specializing in the utilization of energy-efficient High Intensity Discharge (HID) technology and fluorescent lighting for industrial, institutional and commercial facilities.


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Our Services:

Lighting Dynamics, Inc.  was born out of our desire to fill a void in the lighting industry.
Until now, most lighting expertise has been provided by a manufacturer’s representative. This "expert", while knowledgeable about his product line, knows little about the lighting industry as a whole. His main objective is to sell as much of his product as he can. End users had few other places to go for information. Electrical Contractors were more concerned with selecting a fixture that could be easily installed at the lowest possible cost.

 With today’s high energy costs and environmental concerns, the days of over-designed lighting systems are over.
It is now important to design systems for maximum performance, minimum maintenance and least energy consumption. The ability to design such systems requires knowledge of the entire lighting industry as well as the technical know-how to properly apply the wide range of products available.

"Today’s Lighting Designer needs both real-world and computer-design experience to fulfill your lighting needs."

For the past thirteen years, Lighting Dynamics, Inc.  has been working to fill this informational gap. 
We have been working with such organizations as the Illuminating Engineering Society and the Association of Energy Engineers to set standards for Lighting Designers.

We can offer our certified expertise to help you define and achieve your lighting goals.

Each of the principals of the company has earned the  Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional degree.

 We are a registered EPA Green Lights Ally.

We audit:  about 10 million square feet per year of commercial, institutional and industrial space for several of the premier Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in the United States, as well as for major utilities and end users.

We install:  complete lighting systems in manufacturing facilities, commercial facilities, retail, and non-profit institutions.  Together with our group  member, Dynamic Electrical Contractors, Inc., we can provide comprehensive electrical conservation services including installation of energy saving transformers, motors, power factor correction equipment, etc.  DEC is licensed and bondable in several states.  

We design:  lighting systems and controls for any type of facility.  We will recommend redesign of the entire lighting system if the current system is not appropriate for the occupant of that space. Particular attention is paid to such details as: comments from employees, position of machinery or desks in the space, reflectivity of surfaces and maintenance problems. Our ability to look at a project in this manner has allowed our company to successfully compete with other lighting firms that use the "outlet for outlet" approach to lighting retrofits. 

We are independent:  We do not represent any manufacturer. We are able to provide you with the specific lighting products that will provide a quality lighting system in your plant, at the lowest cost. It is our goal never to compromise the quality of our work with low cost materials or installation. That would be detrimental to our future and our reputation. We have always found that the best selling tool is a referral from our existing clients!  We know which products will "stand the test of time" and will be serviced effectively by the manufacturer in case of product failure.

A list of recently completed jobs is available upon request. These references include clients we have provided with complete turn-key lighting services, as well as lighting design and project management. 

"Our experience in designing and installing energy efficient lighting systems allows us to construct a budget for a given project with a high level of confidence. We have been involved in the installation of over $50 million worth of lighting systems during the last thirteen years."

We are here for you.   Let Lighting Dynamics, inc. be a part of your energy team!

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